About Us

Sorwe Business is a platform which creats a new generation HR management tools.Powered by Sorwe which is 360 degree research technologies.
Our mobile and online solutions are helping to you to creat new generation digital company from employee communication and engagement to people analytics.
We are helping to creat more satisfied employess, clear, knowladgable and dimamic organisations. Our power is coming from knowladge.

Companies can keep in touch to employees in 7/24 and understand his mind just in time.

We are analysing employee’s big data with new technologies and producing high quality insights instantly.

Our solutions are making more happy , engaged and efficiant employees in companies.

  • What is Sorwe Business doing?

    Employees are downloading Sorwe Business IOS and Android mobile apps to keep in tuch with their companies in 7/24. Employees can directly convey their views, comments and suggestions to company management. Managements also can apply intelligent tests and surveys to udnerstand and get direct insights from people to creat more efficiant organisations.

    Mobile communication tools
    Satisfaction and Engagement Analytics
    Personality and skill measurements
    Oriantation and Onboarding tools
    360 Degree Feedback System
    Mobile Suggestion System

  • Our Mission

    We are developing new technologies and tools to understand people in business life better and creat more happy, engaged and efficiant employees and clear, understandable and nimble organisations.

    We are transforming insigts of people to knowladge for business . We are here to grow your business.

  • Why Should you Work with Sorwe Business?

    First of all, we are creating more happy, engaged and more efficiant employees. We are collecting datas about all dinamics and transforming to knwloadge to understand your people better and grow your business faster.

    We are are developing new generation tools for each field of HR to make easy your daily life and manage people better and efficiant. We created data driven HR management for future’s organisations.

    Our expert teams will be invisable members of your office during this way and suport your all needs in 7/24.

Our Principles for New Generation HR Management

How Does It Work?


A Brand-New Approach for New Generation HR Management

Sorwe Business = HR 4.0


Communication, engagement and trusted analytics as place and time independent


Secret user profiles and safe infrastructure which has sertificated by 256 bit SSL

Plug & Play

Compatible with your all other systems with advanced API structure.

Realtime Reporting

Advanced & custom made reports for all analytics